Even With All That, I Choose To Love

It will only be a pathetic end if I never said how I felt.
If I like someone I’m screaming it out,
Repeating it as many times as I need to.
To not experience love because I’m scared,
and closing myself of would be a lose.

I won’t run from the unpretty side of intimacy,
I will see it through all the way.
I have no regrets;
I am wonderful,
Kind and loving.

There is nothing wrong with me,
So I will act like I deserve it.
My confidence is in that I want it,
I’m going for it.

Denying myself of going after what I want,
Makes me more sad than getting rejected.
In the future I will try to be more wise with timing,
And handle my emotions in a healthy way.

But I will love,
That is the type of person I am.


Hey everyone, thank you for reading this post! Really appricate when you like and comment giving me feedback.

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