I Don’t Want To Quit… I Want It

If you don’t want to quit then don’t. There is something inside of your begging and pleading for you to hold on, and not walk away yet. With the way things looks it makes sense to go and try else where, you have been at it awhile and poured out everything for it. No one would understand it if you stayed.

However, is holding yourself back really the best choice? I have decided I am crazy and silly; there is no reason for me to stay apart from the simply fact I don’t want to quit. I want to stay a little longer. That is enough for me to keep at it, I know it’s going to be painful and it might not get good for a long while. I know all that.

The best way forward is to prioritise and focus on the things I can see that are working. I can’t blindly dive at my other desire, I have responsibilities. It will take several attempts to resurrect the dying things, I need strength and stability. If I fall again I want to be able to bounce back quicker, I don’t want to get emotionally defeated thinking I’m not cut out. I’ll become someone who is able to handle it well, then I’ll come back.

I am not quitting, I wouldn’t quit, can’t quit and don’t want to. This is an interim rest, gathering my resources, making sure the quality is excellent.

Hey everyone, thank you for reading that post. I hope it encourages you to keep going for what you want even when others think it doesn’t make sense. If you want it then that is reason enough, but take care to make sure you can handle, so nothing will slow the process.

Jemima xx

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