Vegan Breakfast With A Twist

Hey everyone, today I wanted to share two Vegan breakfasts I have regularly with a slight twist. These breakfasts are easy to make and take less than 5 minutes to prepare. They make the perfect start to a day whether I am rushing or have time to sit and eat, since they are so quick to put together.

1) Avocado Toast with lemon

Most people when the prepare this meal tend to mash their Avocado, however I prefer mine as slices on my toast. I think it adds an nice crunch when you bite through the avocado slices. The twist is also adding some lemon juice over the avocados to enhance the flavor.

2) Chocolate Oatmeal

I have experimented with actaully preparing my Oatmeal with coco powder in  past. Then I realised I could save some much time by simply switching to chocolate milk and my base. The coco beans is already in the milk and is able to turn the outcome of the Oatmeal nice and chocolaty.

How To Prepare:

Watching this video to see how to prepare in more detail.

What are some of your easy Vegan breakfast ideas that you make?

Thank you for reading this food post.

Jemima xx

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