Why I Am Not A Beauty, Fashion or Makeup Guru

When I talk about beauty Guru’s I’m including fashion, makeup and hair. The first type of bloggers and youtubers I got to know where beauty, makeup and fashion related. I absolutely loved hearing from them and being inspired about things I could try. I was so happy that I considered becoming one myself.

I took a beauty course for 2 weeks, I wanted to learn about skin care, waxing and nails. The reason I only did 2 weeks is because I found it boring after awhile. I liked learning the basics, but going into the complex details seemed bothersome.

Then I looked at my wardrobe I thought I could do fashion. Before I remembered I am working towards being a minimalist so I don’t go out shopping often. I won’t be able to give advice on sales, or hauls, and updating wardrobe is key to being a creative fashion blogger. People want to see what else and new reviews to help them with their own fashion development. Once I showed everyone my outfits and ways I mix and match that would last a few weeks but then I would run out of content. I would have shown everything and with no plans on getting new things have come to the end of that. Not being able to deliver content is big roadblock.

Finally with hair and make-up I have a not bothered stance about it. I love seeing people with great looking hair and make-up, but I don’t really fuss when it comes to me. Only on specific events I wear make-up, it’s hardly ever. I used to wear concealer and powder last year, but once I started trying to improve my skin and prevent breakouts I stopped wearing them completely. With my hair I am a two style kinda girl, leave it out or tie it back nothing exciting.

Sometimes I focus on all the things I am not and wish I could be. I wonder why I can’t do normals things like other people or why I don’t have an amazing talent. I am always asking why. Instead of getting down about why I can’t do it, I decided to get closer to the things to help me better understand myself. Realise for myself why I an not a particular and accept that actually I am happy that I do not do those things.

After coming to terms with the fact that I love the beauty, fashion and make up industry, but I am not really bothered when it comes to practicing on myself I couldn’t possibly call myself a guru. It’s has to just be something I admire from afar, pulling into closer won’t fit with my personality.

Thank you all for reading this post. This is how I am coming more into my identity, by realising what I am not and accepting that I am glad to not be that.

Jemima xx

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