Why I Am Not A Relationship Advice Blogger

First of all simply and the biggest reason is because I have never been in a relationship. I know there are loads of people who haven’t and still blog about it, but I feel many times its things other have told them or their on theories. When you actaully haven’t lived something out for yourself it’s hard to say what you would really do in those situations, because the opportunity hasn’t come yet and people change. If you are sharing how to be single that’s great, but once you start giving advice about relationship when you haven’t experienced one it’s doesn’t really have backbone. The thought is cute but really just only a theory.

Second reason is that I have been in an almost relationship and in a ‘I think he likes me and we hang out all the thing so eventually it will happen’ type relationship. Those two are similar but there are bigs gaps between them. Almost relationships mean that both people have expressed romantic interests, the have gone on a obvious date or hang out and maybe even been a little physical with holding hands or kissing. Where as the ‘we hang out all the time’ is assuming something that hasn’t been clarified. In my case I liked the guy and he seemed to like me and everyone else thought he liked me, so I thought the texts and spending time together meant something. In reality it didn’t because things had not been lined out.

The third reason is that I am too private about my love life to share every detail. When blogging in any form honesty and vulnerability are important, because you want your reader to have something of substance. For me it’s easy to say I am alone and super sad I am, but to go into detail would be uncomfortable for me. I also am happy to share my love poetry, but I don’t want to answer whether or not I have been in love before.

Finally the last reason I am not a relationship blogger is because I don’t want to focus on that in my life. There are so many others things I need to deal with and work on and romantic relationships tend to take too much space. I don’t want it to become my main priority, which I have done many times in the past. If I was blogging about it I would go back to always thinking solely on that aspect of my life and why it isn’t working or where it needs to improve.

Sometimes I focus on all the things I am not and wish I could be. I wonder why I can’t do normals things like other people or why I don’t have an amazing talent. I am always asking why. Instead of getting down about why I can’t do it, I decided to get closer to the things to help me better understand myself. Realise for myself why I an not a particular way and accept that actually I am happy that I do not do those things.

In terms of being a romance blogger I do not want to be one, I genuinely want to grow in other ways not in this path. If I am dating or not I want to keep it to myself. Relationship bloggers do well and help alot of people, even though I want to help people I know that I don’t want to do it like this.

Thank you all for reading this post. This is how I am coming more into my identity, by realising what I am not and accepting that I am glad to not be that.

Jemima xx

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