I Am Still Here

I have lived in the England since I was 6years old. A few months after me and my family arrived my parents decided to move to London, somewhere that had easy access to the resources we needed. We moved so we could be close to a hospital, schools and a church. The cancer that eventually took my father’s life 6 months after we arrived was the reason I came to this country.

It has always been a struggle for me to live in London, there are times when I absolutely hate it and other times I think this is not too bad. My childhood isn’t the best, but lately I have realised is wasn’t all bad. There a some people I met during the hardest period of my life that I love dearly and thankful I could meet them. The encounter only happened because I was here.

I have lived in the same area in London since I moved here, 13 years going to 14 in a few months. The amount of times I have walked and seen the same sight is so normal. However, there a people who have never seen what I have and I want to share my neighbourhood with those people. This is a short introduction to ‘Still Here’, my photography of my area. I will share poems, stories and more about each picture.

If you have read this really long caption, thank you for making it this far haha. Come back and visit my page, see the place that has shaped me. The place I tried to run away from. The place that I began to find myself. I Am Still Here.

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Hey guys, so I started a Buy Me A Coffee page. It would really help me continue to make content regularly and improve quality. So please if you can support me take 2 minutes and Buy Me A Coffee.

Thank you so much.
Jemima xx

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