I’m boring compared to…

I used to think I was a boring person compared to other people. My interests aren’t necessarily popular, I know there are loads of other people who do it, but those around me didn’t. I am hestistant to tell people what I like to do for fun, because I receive mixed reactions. The lists of things people say make a fun life doesn’t include my interest. This made me feel like I should be doing something else, since my life isn’t fun according to the magazine article.

When you’re not the girl that likes to party, you aren’t on the gym wave, into fashion and make up or a traveller you start to think you are boring. These cool interests that they do that are fun and other people consider good not just them; it seems they are genuinely enjoying themselves.

I thought that I should try things to get different experiences, there might be something that surprises. When I tried some of these things I either felt ‘ehhh’, ‘nice but bothersome’ or ‘maybe sometimes’.

Going for a night out just wasn’t my thing I want to be in bed at 11pm not leaving my house, on the other hand if I’m out already in the evening then I notice staying out till 1am is fine the time flies. Then with make up its such a bother to put it on, but I like how it looks; I don’t know how to use many products, so I found a few and learnt to do them. I actually want to travel more, but haven’t had the opportunity to do it much; so I started going on small trips to atleast take a step.

While trying these new things I realised I’m not a boring person. The fact that I am willing to give things a go means that I have an interest to learn and grow. If you are always working on yourself and figuring out ways to do things better you are not a boring person.

Then I thought I actually enjoy my interest, it makes me feel alive and I look forward to it. Even though it’s not popular it doesn’t mean not a good interest to have. As long as it’s something you are excited about. I shouldn’t be embarrassed to share it with others, and if they don’t understand it’s fine.

Even if the article does not list it as great or others don’t talk about it as much. I’ll rather live a life I created that suits me best. If I change the way I am because I want someone else think my life is a certain way then it’s meaningless. Doing it for attention is draining. I’d rather actually live a life I enjoy even though others might classify it as boring. If I’m satisfied then it’s good. If there is something I think I could do differently to help me grow I’ll do it. I’m tired of basing my line on what I think others will find okay to prove myself.

Hey everyone, thank you for reading this post. I wanted to write this so people learn the embrace doing what they like even if it’s not popular.

What are some of your interests? Would love to hear from you.

Jemima 🙂 xx

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