My Park | Still Here II Photography Story Series

The Park! I am so lucky to live close to one the most beautiful parks in London. There are some many memories I have here.

I laughed so much with my friends when we came here. After school this was the place to be, at the playground and at the water fountain. We used to come by in huge groups and take over, play on the swings, have water fights and take pictures.

Most of my experiences here were pleasant, but I do remember this one time when I got in an argument with two girls. They started texting me from the park and eventually I came down and there was a confrontation.  It wasn’t the end of the world but I didn’t like the park for a while because of it. My favourite place was tainted and I did not like that. Eventually when things were resolved I began to love my park again.

When I was at one of the lowest points in a depression period that had lasted over 7 months I started coming to walk at the park at night. Everyday when I was crumbling and tired from fighting myself I would come and walk, see the same trees and benches. Then stand still, look at sky and senceary and tell myself “I am still here. This beautiful park is still here, we are going to remain.” Slowly this routine helped me get better. This park less than 5 minutes away could help me. I didn’t know how powerful coming to my favourite place would be. I didn’t realise how much I took it for granted because I was so used to it.

I have lived in the same area in London since I moved here, 13 years going to 14 in a few months. Come back and visit my page, see the place that has shaped me. The place I tried to run away from. The place that I began to find myself. I Am Still Here.

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