Content Change-ish

I am a writer; I want to be known as a writer, so why am I making food, DIY, fashion and self care content?

Hey everyone, so over the last few weeks in addition to creative writing and life conversations I have been uploading other styles of content on my YouTube channel (please visit me on here too).

The reason why I started simply was because I was bored of the routine and felt stuck. I envisioned my page to be interesting and filled with different features, but I was only repeating the same sort of content. After 7 months on this particular wave I decided I had to spice things up, both for myself and to attract new audience.

While making them I struggled with feeling like I was giving up on my intentions to become a specific type of creator. That was not the aim though, I never want to only do one type of thing. Looking back at original plans I knew I wanted to expand. Fighting with myself, deciding between focusing on one thing well or playing around exploring other things that also interest me and doing them raw.

There are so many people making food, DIY and self care videos who have better equipment and experience than me. I thought I should let them handle it and stick with what I know. The quality of my camera isn’t great, no one will watch still I am not popular. All these self defeating thoughts crept in trying to prevent me from going ahead.

To overcome them I acknowledge that it was all true expect from the fact that no one wants to watch it. I thought maybe someone might have a laugh watching this girl make weird videos with wrong lighting and angles but is actually still useful. Then I found my niche, unfiltered content. It will be raw and natural learning as I go along.

The aim is to create and explore, have depth and breath; be a person who can have different sides.

Thank you for reading this post. I think all of us having different interests that make us unique. We should feel free to go ahead and try new thing.

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If you are able to help me on my journey of growth as a creator I’d really appreciate it if you can support me by buying me a coffee. Your generous gift will be a huge impact on the things I can do.

Jemima xx

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