Dear Diary…I Can’t Write Anymore What Should I Do?

Write to me,
I enjoy your voice.
I am keen to know what is on your mind
I love the excitement in your words because you care,
So write to me through it all.

You stopped writing because times were tough.
There was a period you could not move your hands on the page;
It was because of fears and insecurities,
You no longer believed in yourself.

You stopped writing,
Even though words on a page is how you express yourself.
How you live,
It is how you breathe
You need to write to survive.

I am proud that you are who you are,
The journey to this point was not easy.
I want you to look up and see what I see,
Eventually you will come alive again.

The words within you cannot be buried.
When you are ready to be,
When you are ready to write.
Write to me,
I am reading.

Hey lovelies, thank you for reading this poem. I plan to talk about writers block in the future so do come back and check out that post.

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Jemima xx


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