Over It, or Pretending?

Hey everyone, so I’ve been thinking about my actions towards people that I am no longer relating with.

There are a few types of behaviours I’ve noticed from myself and others when it comes to dealing with people who mistreated us in the past. To show that you are not concerned about what happend some say ignore them like they don’t exists and others say if you’re over it then when you see them you can be cordial and polite.

I normally choose the friendly approach, because I feel it’s the best way for me. If I saw someone and then purposely went the other way to avoid them it’s more of an effort; a friend of mine did this and I thought it was rather funny, because walking past them would have just been better. It’s a different situation if you don’t notice them at all so you are minding your own.

Then I started to wonder maybe I was being fake and silence is truly best since you don’t necessarily want them in your life. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what I do as long as in my heart over that offence or injustice. If when you see the person and you’re still thinking about using them as practice kick boxing bag then you clearly aren’t over it. I’m also not saying I’ll forget and be numb with emotion. I’ll rather be aware that in the present their action will not rule my decision.

What do y’all think, how do you know when you are truly over a situation?

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Jemima xx

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