Starting From Nothing | How To Begin Blogging When No One Knows You

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. I wanted to share with you all 4 things that helped me start my blogging journey. It can be really hard to start something when you’ve never done it before and it can get overwhelming. These are things that helped me begin and continue over the past few months.

Picking the right platform

WordPress has ‘Reader’ section where the people you follow come up without notification and ‘ Discover’ where you explore new people. Other platforms such as square space do not have that. To get people to read your new posts you always have to notify them through either email subscription or posting about it on social media and praying they click on it.

When no one knows who you are the best thing is to get people to see you without doing back flips and wordpress reader and discover allows that.

Write everyday 

I started writing ideas down as soon as they came to my head on my phone or notebook. If there is something you want to share you have to be able to put it into words and communicate it well. Writing everyday gives you choice, you then select what you think you can go more into depth about and turn that into a blog post. Depending on the topic ideally I try to write minimum 300 words to max 650 words.

• Keep it short

I am aware that many people are scrolling through when they come on my blog page. To avoid people clicking off because they think the post is to long to read I keep it in between the 300 to 650 word count. Normally people do not pay attention for long so you need to say what you want and say it quick especially when you are just starting out. This includes the introduction, acknowledge you readers by saying hello but don’t waffle like an essay explain what you will be talking about, just get into it.


Talk about what you want to talk about first, then as you see what gets more engagement try to share on that topic regularly too if can. The reason we blog is to have people come read, it’s a great way to attract loyal readers since you are making things they enjoy. This get your readers to come back. They see you realise what they enjoy and are making the effort to reach out to them. I noticed people liked reading my poetry so I decided to start uploading more of those aswell.

When you have the platform and content ready it’s all about consistency and strategy to keep your blog going. I will be posting next week part 2 of this series ‘How to begin blogging when no one knows you’ next Monday.

Thank you for reading this post, come back and visit my page to see more poetry, photography and life stories.

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Jemima xx


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