I could do that…but I hope not to

Hey everyone, one thing I am working on is becoming more self-aware; I realised I should start saying “I could do that, but I hope not to” instead of walking around saying never. This is helping me forgive both myself and others when it comes to mistakes and overall having a more positive approach.

I went from confidently saying “I could never do that”, to “I could do that, but I hope not to” after being disappointed with myself over some of my actions. It was a pride thing and I always felt better about myself, because I thought I was incapable of behaving in particular ways, since I was better than that. In my mind once others crossed a line I would judge silently in my head thinking ‘how could they do that? I won’t ever do that’.

Then I got humbled and realised that “I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me.” ~ Maya Angelou

This made my perspective change and how I go about living my life and how I look at others. See inside me I could do anything, the absolute worse crime and the most generous charitable act. Both are within me, both is possible for me to do. My focus should be to channel all my positive energy in producing the loving charitable act, because that is what I want to be known for, that is what my soul feels at rest with. That is what I will be aiming for, to always do good; choose good.

However, there are times when I don’t always do good. Whether it’s lying, being manipulative or losing my temper. These traits remind me that I have other emotions and negative wills inside that I need to control. If I do make a mistake and I do something that is not right, I should forgive myself and try go back to doing good straight away instead of beating myself up about it.

Since I am aware that all is possible in me, that means all is possible in my neighbour. I want to have a less judgemental outlook for other people. If they act a way that I wish not to, it doesn’t  make them a bad person. Labeling them by my standards is not right or because I don’t understand their decision. After all it could easily be me.

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Jemima xx


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