Making A Move Afraid Is Better Than Being Comfortable Stagnant |Life Update & Stationery Shop

Hey everyone, hope you are well!

I have not posted on my blog in a few weeks. It was not planned, in fact I still have pre prepared content for weeks. I just didn’t want to post.

There were many things bugging me but mostly I was tired. I needed to know where I was heading with everything, personal life and blogging; I had been going with the flow for too long not really having a secure plan.

After going through different moods and ideas; some included quiting blogging and others included monetizing, I finally decided on my next steps. I decide that I will begin to share my journey of starting my own stationery business. On 20.08.18 I put up two designs to sell and opened my etsy shop and over the next few days will be adding more.

The designs are hand painted and will continue to always be made by me. I honestly don’t know the first thing about business even though I’ve read the books. Actually starting something and theorising are completely different. I will be blogging still about life but now also sharing my mistakes, highlights and organization tips to running an online shop.

One thing about this online stationery shop is that I decided last week to do it. I have had the idea since January but kept putting it off. Last week I got frustrated at myself and I planned to start finally. I was going to make all my designs then announce and after open shop mid September.

However, there was a pull in me and I couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, I decided I was going to finish one design and open shop the next day. I managed to finish two and even though they weren’t the original drafts (I came across manufacturing problems already) I still really loved them enough to decide to take the leap and open shop.

My shop is a work in progress, but I wanted to share it will you all and take you along the journey. I don’t want to keep living a life knowing I am unsatisfied, knowing there is more I can give. I won’t do it anymore.

For those who have dreams but keep putting it off waiting for the right timing. For those who are scared to look silly and have others talk about them. I am doing this, being vulnerable showing you a part of my dream to let you know it is better to go afraid than stay comfortable stagnant.

Thank you for reading this post. If you like it visit my blog for more content. Also check out my online esty shop.

Jemima xx

If you are able to help me on my journey of growth as a creator I’d really appreciate it if you can support me by buying me a coffee. Your generous gift will be a huge impact on the things I can do.

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