Starting From Nothing Business | Opened A Staionery Shop

Hey everyone, After opening my etsy shop the first thing I thought was, ‘now what do I do?’. It did not feel like I had taken the big leap I was so scared about doing all this while. I thought starting was so out of reach and something I wasn’t capable of doing anytime soon, but it turned out to be amazing.

Everything fell into place within a week; new equipment and fresh creative ideas. None of it was planned so I felt the traffic light turn green saying go. I went about producing draft ideas and sketches. Then I actually started the process of making the notebooks. It was so much fun creating my first two designs and overall I was happy because it was what I wanted for so long.

Now it came time to decide what I wanted to do next with my business. The idea is no longer a little project it my head, I have made it a reality and now it has to head somewhere.

The first thing I had to was understand is the difference between blogging and selling on a website. The difference between follwers/supporters and customers.

When blogging traffic is great, people just visiting your page is enough and it was a win to get comments. With my business it’s not about views, the number of people visiting the website. My shop is on esty so it’s not something that can be monetized. I need customers; people to browse, engage, feedback then make purchases.

Followers/supporters are not necessarily customers. People my like what you are doing and belive in you, but they may not want the product. If it isn’t something they will use then they won’t become customers. I need both supporters and customers, because when times are hard it’s supports who will encourage because they care. Understanding the main difference will help me stay focused forming a healthy community of both supporters and customers.

Now that I know I need customers, I have to learn how to get them. Loyal customers who will purchase my stationery and hopefully come again to make future orders.

Yes, so how do I do that? I do not know, so I will be documenting the things I do to get that first purchase. Road to First Order, that will be the next post.

Thank you all for reading, I am sharing my journey of starting my own stationery business. It is to help others who don’t have any information, connections, large following and money know what to do when they are ready to make their own dreams come true.

If you like this post visit my blog for more content. Also check out my online stationery shop.

Jemima xx

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