If Not Today, Then When?

Hey everyone, anyone else always put things off waiting for the right timing?

I stopped being a dreamer a while back, it was annoying to get excited for something and never do it. I thought the problem was the fact I was dreaming, when it was I wasn’t taking action. My speech towards ideas, plans and hobbies went a little like “One day I will do that” or something similar. That was my way to allow excuses later on, there was no defined date or I was looking for the right time.

Starting is always a hard part, and it’s not even the hardest part of a new endeavor. Once you get going maintaining it will be an equal pain sometimes worse. The longer you leave things though the harder it gets to go at it.

Once I’ve made up my mind about something tell myself  “I’ll do it” and get organised to step out. To stop me acting impulsive is the organising part, quick action is needed but without a plan you won’t have a fixed direction. As soon as I have something I can refer to when I’m at it, I move out.

Thank you all for reading this post, make sure to step out with a plan when you have a new idea. Don’t let yourself be put off doing something because you are waiting for the perfect time.

I am sharing my journey of starting my own stationery business. It is to help others who don’t have any information, connections, large following and money know what to do when they are ready to make their own dreams come true. Check out my online stationery shop, links below.

Jemima xx




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