Starting From Nothing | Things I Wish I knew Before I Started My Blog & Buisness

Hey everyone, there are somethings that I wish I knew before I decide to commit to my dream. Over time it is has began to unfold little by little, my blog has started to grow and I was finally able to start my buisness. I just wish that I didn’t go into the whole thing so naive expecting it to work together quickly.

(1) I wish I knew that not everyone is going to appreciate it right off. That my idea was still great and that even though people didn’t understand it didn’t mean it’s no good. I was aware that I would have to build my audience readers, and customers, but I honestly was not convinced that I would remain low for long. I was confident because I had done the research and knew that what I had serves a purpose, so I believed it will take off soon.

However, I did not know that I would be in the shadows for a while. It was hard as I let that get me down and thought about quiting several times. Now I am learning that it is important to survive being in the shadows as its the only way to prepare for the future. Being unknown gives you the chance to try things and get better without so many watching eyes.

I wish I knew before I started that my dreams will come, things will grow. The length of time it takes, is what I cannot control. I can plan as best as I can, but I don’t have full control. The reason so many people quit, and you come across many in-completed pages or businesses that dissolve is because they got tired of creating, producing or making with no one receiving it.

From my perspective as a creator if no one reads what I write I’ll feel my work is not needed or engaging. I would go back to writing to my diary because there is no difference between my blog and diary; both no one reads, and my diary require less effort to work in.

If I could have understood that I need a receptive audience to keep going,
but it may take a while for that to happen I won’t have been so shocked and easily upset over slow growth.

(2) I wish I knew that first attempts may not be only the only attempt. This is not my first blog; it is my third. I’ve been trying to create a platform since I was 17 years old. I’ve tried different websites and various blog names.

Since December 2016 I’ve been working on this platform but have changed my name three times. I knew I wanted to talk about searching for joy and my journey but there is something about a name and content. I felt I had good names but my content was lacking in my previous blogs. It wasn’t fully there, I simply wasn’t fully there.

It wasn’t until August 2017 that I started uploading my creative writing, I wanted to share my poems with the world. Before I would post something that I thought was good but I would not be all in. I knew there was something else, I knew there was a reason this was my third attempt. I wasn’t just going to keep repeating what I was doing on my others blogs. I knew this space was to share my creativity.

The same thing with my buisness, I knew I wanted to start something to do with stationery but I didn’t have the full picture for the idea until this year. My buisness is very much a work in process and not even all my designs are complete, but timing is right. I know this is it because of all the other ideas I’ve had to cancel.

There are 4 more points I want to share with you about things I wish I knew before I started my dream, please come visit my blog again for the second part.

Thank you all for reading, I am sharing my journey of starting my own stationery business. It is to help others who don’t have any information, connections, large following and money know what to do when they are ready to make their own dreams come true.

If you like this post visit my blog for more content. Also check out my online stationery shop.

Jemima xx

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