What To Do When You Become Bored Of Your Routines…

After a while the new thing that you received will become something you are used to. Comfort and familiarity replace the excitement and fascination you once had. What comes after you pass from the new to normal stage is called responsibility. You still need you take care of it and it won’t be easy like when it first came.

People, including myself make the mistake of hopping from one new thing to another or they go cold in the normal thing infront of them, because taking responsibility for normal is mundane and slow. When we do this I realised we are actually missing out on exploring normal to the fullest. There are some amazing things within normal that can be revealed, but only when you decide that it is what you need always and not just for now.

If you remember when you first started that new job or school everything was hectic; you didn’t know how some machines worked and you didn’t remember everyone’s names. The process of settling in can be confusing but still it’s a positive experience, because you don’t know much.

Then work a while long enough and you get comfortable, you do the same thing all day the exact same way you did it the day before. Also your coworkers start to show their true nature and different personalities, some of which you are not fond of. That new job turned into your normal job quite quickly.

There really isn’t much you can do about the situation and this is an example of when we turn cold towards our normal. We disconnect and start dreading the experience completely. To take responsibility for this type of situation is deciding to not let you productivity and effect drop, since you are going to get paid for your time ensure you do it well at a good quality at least.

In friendships you enjoy hanging out at first, then spending time later on may seem less interesting because you start not clicking as much due to different reasons. Taking responsibility for that friendship means making effort to engage with the person on topics and activities you both enjoy to continue to grow together.

If it’s not working then don’t force it, growing apart because you both change is fine as long as you had put in the work to try to maintain it. You can just see it as new seasons for both, not that they got boring so you left it.

Thank you for reading this post. Responsibility doesn’t seem like a fun word, but it’s important to help us live meaningful lives.

Jemima xx

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