Hello, welcome to sftTheOutcome
My name: Jemima
Age: 20
Location: London

What: sfjTheOutcome is my personal blog in which I am using to share my creative ideas as well as my life experiences to encourage and engage with others .‘Live well, making better decisions’ is what I am trying to live by. I figured I cannot control about 70% of the things that come my way but I can control my actions and attitude to them. I also want to make that the remaining 30% I have thought about carefully, so I do not make the same intentional mistakes over again.
I do this in the form of creative writing, rants, advice and videos.

I would love to hear from you so comment telling me what you think and about your own experiences.
Social: Instagram – @knowjem | YouTube – Jemima Lola
Contact: To message me directly email journalpointone@gmail.com and we can have a chat.