Its not meant to happen all at once; you would feel overwhelmed or under appreciate what you have. If things got too busy too soon you would not know what to focus on and prioritising would be confusing. Truth is things are going slower than you expected, you may arrive later than you planned. For a while longer you may have to keep going without … Continue reading Endure

They All Leave Me…

Hey everyone, today I wanted to talk a little about my relationship problems. Honestly I have difficulties maintaining lasting ships (friendships and relationships). It is a real struggle for me and no matter the methods  things fall apart and I am left behind. With everyone that left I experienced the sadness of loss and hurt of rejection because they did not choose me. The rejection … Continue reading They All Leave Me…


This Him Him the One One I prayed For For this moment Now Now that he has Arrived Arrived with that Smile Smile say Hello Hello Him   Hey everyone, hope you are enjoying the love poems this week. I really can’t thank you enough for reading and liking the posts; I love seeing the same names and new faces pop up. Thank you! Jem … Continue reading Him

The Gap Between Expectations and Experience

What I think it would be like and what it actually ends up like is very different. There is usually a large gap between the two points of expectation and experience. High expectations can produce an underwhelming experience; simply because your excitement had created something large in your mind and what was infront of you was fine in size, but not to the vastness you … Continue reading The Gap Between Expectations and Experience

Young Cake

The pain from past disappointments and the joy from unexpected resolutions should have taught me to stop being fixated on rigid plans. The most important thing about life and living is that you are aiming at something meaningful while being true and genuine. It is important to have something that makes you happy but that path with bring its frustrations. Knowing it is worth it … Continue reading Young Cake