Why I Am Not A Relationship Advice Blogger

First of all simply and the biggest reason is because I have never been in a relationship. I know there are loads of people who haven’t and still blog about it, but I feel many times its things other have told them or their on theories. When you actaully haven’t lived something out for yourself it’s hard to say what you would really do in … Continue reading Why I Am Not A Relationship Advice Blogger

They All Leave Me…

Hey everyone, today I wanted to talk a little about my relationship problems. Honestly I have difficulties maintaining lasting ships (friendships and relationships). It is a real struggle for me and no matter the methods  things fall apart and I am left behind. With everyone that left I experienced the sadness of loss and hurt of rejection because they did not choose me. The rejection … Continue reading They All Leave Me…

Set Yourself Free

Even with all the trauma of the past you carried on loving. They tried to break you but instead you were going to use them as guides, to prevent you from walking into similar situations. However, this time you ignored the warning flags on purpose. It was something new and exciting, nothing like the past but just as damaging. Now you’re tormented emotionally and physically, … Continue reading Set Yourself Free

Lonely – Desire for a soul mate

One of the seasons most people are familiar with is the lonely one. This can be about general feelings of lack of family or friends around; as well as a lack of a romantic relationship. I’ve experienced both within my journey so far. It’s something that requires regular work, because you can slip in and out of it. I’ve chosen to share how I’ve come … Continue reading Lonely – Desire for a soul mate